Standard Canadian AQ: Get Employee T4 Details AQ

Report Description

A T4, akin to an American W2, provides employee tax information. The T4_CA offers a detailed look at the tax associated with a supplier's employees.






Parameter Name



Branch (Employee)

All branches available in the company.

Use this filter to refine the Employee's Branch.

4-digit year i.e.2022

A single year for which the tax information is displayed. A range of years is not allowed.

numeric or "%" for all identification numbers

Use this filter to refine SIN of the Employee



Report Fields

Field Name



YearID The taxation year the T4 is issued in.  
Supplier Desc The staffing supplier servicing that branch.  
First Name Employee’s First name  
Middle Name Employee’s Middle name  
Last Name Employee’s Last name  
Street1 Street 1 from Employee's Primary Address  
Street2 Street 2 from Employee's Primary Address  
City City from Employee's Primary Address  
Province Province from Employee's Primary Address  
Country The 3 letter Abbreviation for the Country  
Postal Code Employee’s Postal code  
SIN Employee's SIN Number  
Email Employee's  Email Address  
CPP QPP Exempt (28) CPP QPP Exempt 28) from Employee's Primary Address An X under CPP/QPP, EI, or PPIP indicates that your earnings are exempt from these withholdings. The majority of taxpayers are not exempt, so it will likely be left blank.
EI Exempt (28) EI Exempt 28) from Employee's Primary Address
PIP Exempt (28) PIP Exempt 28) from Employee's Primary Address
Provience of Employment (10) If you worked in more than one Province you will receive multiple T4s, one for every Province you have worked in.  
Employment Code (29) This code only applies to specific situations for CPP like employment agency workers, taxi drivers and barbers or hairdressers, otherwise it will be left blank.  
Employment Income (14) Includes not only your wages but also any vacation, bonuses, and taxable benefits, often a summary of several T4 boxes.  
Income Tax (22) Total amount deducted from your pay for income tax (Federal and Provincial).  
CPP Contribution (16) The amount of Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions.  
EI Insurable Earnings (24) The amount of EI insurable earnings.  
Employee QPP Contribution (17) The amount of Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) contributions. This will only be populated if you worked in Québec.  
CPP/QPP Pensionable Earnings (26) The amount of CPP/QPP pensionable earnings.  
EI Premium (18) The amount of EI premiums.  
Union Dues (44) This box contains all union dues collected for this tax year.  
RPP Contribution (20) The amount of any Registered Pension Plan contributions.  
Charitable Donation (46) This box contains any charitable donations made through Payroll. If you made other donations outside the office, the charity must issue you a separate tax receipt.  
Pension Adjustment (52) This is the amount that shows pension contributions that impact the total RRSP amount allowable for the year.  
RPP DPSP Registration Number (50) This is your employer’s registration number for a company pension or deferred profit sharing plan.  
Employee PPIP Premiums (55) This stands for Provincial Parental Insurance Plan and is only applicable to Québec employees.  
PPIP Insurable Earnings (56) This stands for Provincial Parental Insurance Plan and is only applicable to Québec employees, it shows the insurable earnings for this plan for the year.  
EmploymentIncome_Code57 T4's Employment Income Code 57 These Amounts are already included in Employment income.
EmploymentIncome_Code58 T4's Employment Income Code 58
EmploymentIncome_Code59 T4's Employment Income Code 59
EmploymentIncome_Code60 T4's Employment Income Code 60
Box 1 T4's Box 1 These are additional boxes that can be populated for other amounts not shown elsewhere on the T4 Tax Slip.
Box 1 Amount T4's Box 1 Amount
Box 2 T4's Box 2
Box 2 Amount T4's Box 2 Amount
Box 3 T4's Box 3
Box 3 Amount T4's Box 3 Amount
Box 4 T4's Box 4
Box 4 Amount T4's Box 4 Amount
Box 5 T4's Box 5
Box 5 Amount T4's Box 5 Amount
Box 6 T4's Box 6
Box 6 Amount T4's Box 6 Amount



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