Standard AQ - Get Employee SUI Wage Details AQ

Report Description

Details of Employee SUI Wage







Parameter Name



Supplier All available Supplier List  
Date Type Accounting Period Date and Check Date  
Start Date   Use this filter to refine Payment Check for the Check Date or Accounting Period Date between the Date Range having SUI tax
State Code All available State List of US  
Show SOC  Yes, No

Yes: SOC code is displayed after State and the system groups the amounts by the SOC code in the report.

No: SOC does not get displayed nor does the system break down the amounts by SOC.



Report Fields

Field Name


StateCode Employee's Payment Check Tax State Code for SUI Tax  
SOC Standard Occupational Classification code Displayed if "Show SOC" is set to Yes.
SSN Employee's SSN  
BoldTalentID Employee's ID from Front Office/Bold  
FullName Employee's Full Name  
LastName Employee's Last Name  
FirstName Employee's First Name  
MiddleName Employee's Middle Name  
MiddleInitial Employee's Middle Initial  
GrossWages Employee's Payment Check Gross Wages for the date range selected  
TaxableWages Employee's Payment Check Taxable Wages for the date range selected  for SUI Tax  
SubjectWages Employee's Payment Check Subject Wages for the date range selected for SUI Tax  
ExcessWages Employee's Payment Check Excess Wages for the date range selected for SUI Tax Excess Wages is calculated as Subject Wages - Taxable Wages
Hours Employee's Payment Check Pay Total Hours for the date range selected for SUI Tax  



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