Standard AQ - Local Tax WH AQ

Report Description

Lists local tax withholding by Employee.






Parameter Name



Branch (Payment Check) All available Branch List Use this filter to refine Branch of Payment Check
Date Type Options:
Accounting Period Date
Check Date
Start Date   Use this filter to refine Payment Check for the Check Date or Accounting Period Date between the Date Range having local tax.
End Date    



Report Fields



StaffingCompany Payment Check's Staffing Company  
Branch Payment Check's Branch  
YearID Payment Check's Year  
QuarterName Payment Check's Quarter  
State Payment Check's Local Tax State  
LocalName Payment Check's Local Tax Name  
TaxType Payment Check's Tax Type  
TaxCode Payment Check's Tax Code  
NumOfEmployees Total Count/Number of Employees having local tax deducted in the paycheck  
TaxableGross Total sum of the Taxable gross of the payment Check for the local tax.  
SubjectGross Total sum of the Subject Gross of the payment check for the local tax.  
Gross Amount Total sum of the Gross Amount of the payment check  for the local tax.  
TaxAmount Total sum of the Tax Amount  of the payment check for the local tax.  



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