Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) Setup and Configuration

PFML in Avionté

Avionté allows PFML configuration for users in Massachusetts, Oregon and Colorado. Vertex will control the deductions, but the client can control configuration for the deductions for MA, OR and CO only.

DC, CT and WA are not configurable. They will not have the paid family medical leave button under locality.

While all state programs are funded through employee-paid payroll taxes, some are partially funded by employer-paid payroll taxes. These steps allow users to select the calculation method that best fits their situation:


Configuring PFML

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools > Employer, and select the Locality/Country tab.


  2. Click the Paid Family Medical Leave button found at the bottom of the tab.


  3. Options for how much of the premium is paid by the employer may be modified here. For example, some employers may opt to pay for some or part of the employee portion, while some smaller employers may not be required to contribute to premiums.


  4. Click Save to confirm configuration.




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