Config Option - EmployeePortal_MaxT4YearToDisplay - Supplier Property

The EmployeePortal_MaxT4YearToDisplay property indicates the year that the T-4 documents will be displayed.  It will include the year entered and all previous years.


EmployeePortal_MaxT4YearToDisplay Properties

Admin Tools location: Employer Category: (Select Employer) > Detail tab
Default: Null (Blank)
Valid values: Year: Enter the Year that the Form should display

Note: All previous years will be included.

Example: 2022 will include 2022, 2021, 2020, ...

Where the setting is reflected...

Talent Portal > Pay History > Taxes


  1. Click on the Admin Tools button


  2. Click on Employer


  3. Select the Employer


  4. In the Supplier Properties field, type: MAXT4


  5. Click on the EmployeePortal_MaxT4YearToDisplay


  6. Enter the year you wish to display.
  7. Tab away from the Value field.
  8. Click Save.


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