Standard AQ - ACA Census

Report Description

This Report (Advanced Query) gives the details of ACA deductions and eligibility for Employee. The user can view the report at the Employee level.




Parameter Name Options Description
Branch (Transaction)

All available branches

Start Week Worked


End Week Worked


HealthCare Code* All options from 'Is Healthcare' being checked on Transaction Type If a Transaction Type has the checkbox checked ON for 'Is HealthCare'; it will display
Show Summary True / False  


* 'Is Healthcare' checkbox






Field Name Description

Employee ID from Employee


Employee's ID in AvionteBOLD

FirstName Employee's First Name
MiddleName Employee's Middle Name
LastName Employee's Last Name
SSN Employee's Social Security Number

Employee's Status

EmployeeBranch Employee's Branch
BirthDate Employee’s Date of Birth
MaritalStatus Employee's marital status (Single, Married)
OriginalHireDate First Assignment Start Date for Employee
RecentHireDate Latest Assignment Start Date for Employee
FirstCheckDate First paycheck Check Date for Employee
RecentCheckDate Latest paycheck Check Date for Employee
EffectiveInsuranceDate Employee’s Effective Insurance Date (If any)
Street1 Street 1 from Employee’s Primary Address
Street2 Street 2 from Employee’s Primary Address
City City from Employee’s Primary Address
State State from Employee’s Primary Address
Zipcode Zip code from Employee’s Primary Address
Country Country from Employee’s Primary Address
Gender Employee's Gender
PrimaryContactMethod Employee’s Primary Contact Method (For e.g., Phone, Fax, Email etc.)

Employee’s Cell Phone number


Employee’s Email


Total Wages from the Employee’s PayCheck in date range


Total Hours from the Employee’s PayCheck in date range. Salary Hours is included by Multiplying it with Hourly equivalent Multiplier based on the Pay Period.

DeductionAmount Employee’s Deduction Amount
BenefitAmount Employee’s Benefit Amount
IsACAEligible Display if employee is aca eligible or not?
CurrentStabilityPeriodEndDate End date of Current Stability Period
MeasurementStartDate Start Date of the employee’s ACA Measurement
MeasurementEndDate End Date of the employee’s ACA Measurement
MeasuredType Employee Measurement Type (Initial or Standard)
MeasurementTotalHours Employee’s ACA Measured Hours
MeasuredEligibility Show whether the employee is full time or non-full time
ReasonForDeactivation Reason for deactivation
OnAssignment Shows if the employee is currently on an active assignment. 


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