Standard AQ - ACA Companion Employee Sync SSN Errors

Report Description

This Report (Advanced Query) gives the details of employees with errors relating to syncing of their SSN.





Parameter Name Options Description
Lookup Criteria All Employees, Has Paycheck Filter for all employees or only ones with paychecks
Paycheck Year   Enter the 4 digit year to show



Report Fields

Field Name Description
SSN Employee's Social Security Number
EmployeeID Employee's ID
FirstName Employee's First Name
MiddleName Employee's Middle Name
LastName Employee's Last Name
Street1 Street 1 from Employee’s Primary Address
Street2 Street 2 from Employee’s Primary Address
City City from Employee’s Primary Address
State State from Employee’s Primary Address
ZipCode Zip code from Employee’s Primary Address
GeoCode GeoCode from Employee’s Primary Address
SiteName Employee's Branch Name
StaffingSupplierCode Shortname of the Supplier
Status Employee's Status
LastCheckDate Employee's last Check Date
PrimaryRecord P = Primary (Classic/Back Office) record
Blank/Null = ACA Companion record

Employee's ID in AvionteBOLD



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