Standard AQ - Commission Split AQ

Report Description

This report shows a breakdown, by Employee with: Total, Pay and Bill Hours, Amount and Commission % and Gross Profit.








Parameter Name Options Description

All branches available within a Company

Date Type Accounting Period Date, Week Worked Date, Check Date  
Start Date    
End Date    
Order Type All, Temp, Salary, DH, Flat Fee This list may vary based on your setup
Customer Name    



Report Fields



Field Name Description
BranchName Employee's Branch Name

Customer Name associated with Assignment


Department Name of the Customer

OrderType Order Type associated with Assignment
WcCode Worker Comp Code associated with Assignment
EmployeeName Employee's Full name
AccountingPeriodDate Paycheck’s Accounting Period Date
WeekWorked Paycheck’s Week worked
PayTotalHours Total Payable hours
BillTotalHours Total Billable hours
BillAmount Total Bill amount
DHFee Direct Hire Fee
GPAdjBill Gross Profit Billable adjustments
DiscountAmount Billing discounts / adjustments
GrossWages Gross Wages
GPAdjPay Gross Profit Payable adjustments

Sum of Item pay is transaction is linked to Agency or Non W2 Employee (Sub contractors)

EmployerTaxes  Taxes paid by Employer
WorkerComp Worker Comp Code cost
GPAdjCost Gross Profit (your) Cost adjustments

Sum of Additional Burden, if used (Admin tools >> Burden)

EmployerContributions Employer paid Contributions
GrossProfit Gross Profit
GrossProfitPerBilledHour Gross Profit / Total Hours

Gross Profit divided by (BillAmount + GPAdjBill – DiscountAmount)

User The user that created the record. Displays the Commission Allocation > User set up in AviontéBOLD.
UserType The User Type that created the record. Displays the Commission Allocation > User Type set up in AviontéBOLD.
CommissionPercent % for the Commissions
CommissionGP Gross Profit commission



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