Standard AQ - Message Activities AQ

Report Description

Provides a list of the different Action Types (Message/Activity) for each Employee/Customer/Contact within the date range selected.





Parameter Name Options Description
Branch (User) List of all available Branches Filters for the User Branch(es)
Date Type EnteredDate, StartDate, EndDate  
Start Date    
End Date    
Entered By List of all of the available Users This list will vary based on your setup
Action Type List of all of the available Action Types This list will vary based on your setup
Customer Name Type in a Customer Name or use the % as a Wildcard (show all) Filters results by Customer name



Report Fields

Field Name Description
StaffingCompany Supplier's Name
BranchName Branch Name
ActionType Action Type
MessageType Message Type
Subject Subject of Message/Action
message Body of Message/Action
DATE Date of Message/Action
EnteredByUserName The username that entered Message/Action
EmployeeName Employee's Name
CustomerName Customer's Name
ContactName Contact's Name
LinkUsers Linked Users to the Message/Action
IsComplete Checkbox if Completed
Order ID Order ID
Assignment ID Assignment ID
Agency Name Agency's Name
WCClaim ID Worker Comp Code ID
Unemployment ID Unemployment Claim ID
Is Aero Activities Is an Activity in Aero
Is System Generated Is generated by the system



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