Net to Gross (Mass Actions)


Updated 05/16/2023


This allows for mass actions of Net to Gross for multiple employees at once.


User Permission
Using Net to Gross (Mass Action)



User Permission

  1. Click on the Admin Tools button

  2. Click on Config Option

  3. For the Select Type drop down, select User
  4. For the Select Category field, type in the User.
  5. For the Select Property section, search for: NET
  6. Click on the AllowMassNetToGross option
    1. Change to True and press the TAB key to save

  7. Restart the application for the new permission to be applied.



Using Net to Gross (Mass action)

  1. Click on the Back Office Section
  2. Select Time Entry
  3. Select an Accounting Period, from the drop down

  4. Click on the Show SheetView button

  5. Click on the Actions Menu
  6. Click on Mass Update

  7. Select the checkbox of the employees to pay
  8. For the Choose Action Type drop down, select Net to Gross
  9. Click on the Next button

  10. Enter information into the following fields:
    1. Net: Enter the Net amount to be paid
    2. Transaction Type: Select the type of transaction
    3. Pay Units: Enter the number of pay units
    4. Bill = Pay: Click the checkbox if amount is billable
  11. Click on the Calculate button 

  12. Review the results of the calculation
    Note: Remove employees or update amounts and re-calculate

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  13. Click on the Finish button

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  14. View the Net to Gross transactions

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