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Updated 07/29/2021



A talent task is an activity assigned to an employee or candidate. Typically, talent tasks are sent from recruiters to candidates during the onboarding process. A talent task can be a request for a signature on a document, or a skills assessment, or the completion of a W-4 document. 


Talent tasks are enabled by admins, sent by recruiters, and received by talent. 


Because talent tasks are managed differently depending on the user's role, the help content for tasks is summarized by role in this article with specific, in-depth content available via links in the summaries below. 



Talent Tasks - Admin Role

An Admin enables talent tasks so a recruiter can send tasks to talent. An Admin creates and enables specific documents, enables the ability to send assessments from Assess on Cloud, and manages roles and group permissions. 


Visit these articles for specific details about an Admin's role with Talent Tasks.

Admin - Talent Module Settings - Onboarding Tab

Admin - Talent Task - I-9 E-Signature Document with Adobe Sign (Simple)

Admin - Talent Task - I-9 E-Signature Document with Adobe Sign (Detailed)

Admin - Talent Task - W-4 with Adobe Sign E-Signature Documents



Talent Tasks - Recruiter Role

Recruiters work with talent to ensure the talent is prepared for a position. Part of that preparation includes an assessment of skills and the completion of required paperwork. Recruiters send Talent Tasks such as electronic documents and assessments to talent.


Visit the Tasks section of the Talent Card QuickViews article for specific details about a Recruiter's role with Talent Tasks. 




Talent Tasks - Talent Role

Candidates and employees receive Talent Tasks such as assessments and electronic documents in the Talent Module. 




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