Outlook Plugin to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

The Outlook plugin for Zoom makes scheduling a video meeting easy.

  1. Open the calendar page of your Outlook email.

  2. From the top menu select New Appointment and add the date and time or double-click the date/time location on your calendar.

  3. Click Add a Zoom Meeting. The meeting invitation with link is pasted into the email.


  4. Enter a title for your meeting.

  5. Add a reminder and any recurrences as needed.

  6. The meeting will use your default settings. However, you may select Settings from the Zoom icons to add a password or change video and/or audio options. Click the Update button to save any changes.



Meeting best practices:

  • Video best practice: Set both Host and Participant to
  • Audio best practice: Set to Both (Telephone and Computer Audio).
    Meeting Options best practice: Set Mute participants upon entry.

7. To invite colleagues, select Invite Attendees and begin to add names or select the Scheduling Assistant from the top menu to see your attendee’s calendars as you plan your meeting.
Best practice: Use Scheduling Assistant.

8. In the Scheduling Assistant screen, begin typing names in the Add a name here field and their calendars load in the window. Individual names or entire email groups may be added.
Best practice: When adding a group select the + icon to expand the list so that you can see the calendars of all group members.



 9. Drag the highlighted date/time selection as needed to best fit everyone’s schedule.


10. Click Send to finish and send the invitation. Or click Meeting to return to the email and Send when finished.

Important notes:

  • Outlook: The meeting has been created in Outlook and is visible on your calendar as well as the calendar of anyone who accepted your invitation. As the host you can cancel the Zoom meeting from Outlook. As with any cancelled meeting it is removed from your calendar and sends a notice to attendees, however cancelling or deleting a Zoom meeting from Outlook does NOT remove the meeting in your Zoom account. You will need to go to your Zoom account select Meetings > Upcoming Meetings and delete the meeting.

  • Zoom: The plugin creates the meeting in Zoom as well as Outlook. If this is a recurring meeting, all the recurrences will use the same link, therefore only one listing (labeled as recurring) is shown in Zoom. If a meeting created via the plugin is deleted from Zoom, you will need to cancel the meeting in Outlook as well.


Default Settings:

  • Default settings are managed from your Zoom account. Open your Zoom account and select Settings from the navigation panel on the left to edit Meeting, Recording, and Telephone settings. Click here for details.




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