Why Host with Avionté?

Hosting with Avionté means that your Avionté software and data are stored on enterprise-level servers at a secure facility instead of locally in your office. The application is accessed over a protected Internet connection rather than your local network.

This means you're not tied down to your office to use Avionté. You can access it anywhere, anytime.


Anywhere Anytime Access

With your applications and data hosted by Avionté, you can connect anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection using a simple client program. Simply launch the remote access application and log in with your user ID and password. Your Avionté software is ready to use. There's virtually nothing to install because the software looks and works just like it does on your PC.


Data Security

Avionté is hosted in top-tier data centers that provide true enterprise-class security, scalability and reliability, including full-time security personnel, closed-circuit video surveillance, continuous and redundant power systems with backup generators, fully redundant network systems with multiple Internet backbone access, advanced network firewalls, and hazard avoidance alert systems.


Fault Tolerance

If a disaster strikes your office, you'll be able to access your business-critical information from computers anywhere with Internet access whether it be your home, a coffee shop, or another office location. Whether the disaster is as small as a PC crash, or something more severe and long-lasting, Avionté Cloud-Hosting is there to keep your business running.


Data Protection and Backup

We protect your hosted data with encrypted transmission, firewalls, and multi-layer access controls. In addition, your data is automatically scanned with enterprise-class antivirus technology. We back up your hosted data nightly, and retain backups for a full year. We also replicate your data across multiple data centers to ensure your data is always safe and available.


No Server or Network Maintenance Required

Keep your data in Avionté's protected data centers, and stay focused on your business. All care and feeding of the network – from database tuning to OS patches to antivirus to data backups to hugely expensive hardware and more – is handled by our team of IT professionals. All you need on your PC is a simple client program that is already built into Windows, and freely available on many other platforms such as Mac. We take care of everything so you can take care of your business.


Pay as you Go

With Avionté cloud-hosting, there are no large capital expenditures or hidden expenses. You pay for what you use, and can quickly and simply scale up and down as your user count changes. You obtain the benefits of our world-class multi-site, massively-scalable and always-available hosting infrastructure with no surprise costs.


Benefit to Avionté

Avionté doesn’t host for profit. We offer hosting services to avoid system inconsistencies and upgrade complications – if we can properly maintain the system, the benefit to you is a smoother, faster, and more reliable experience.


Decision Matrix

  Avionte Hosted Self-Hosted
Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) No hosting hardware purchase necessary.  The larger the enterprise, the greater the CAPEX costs. Expenses can include servers, storage, network switches, firewalls, etc. Plus, equipment renewal every few years and business growth means continual investment in new hardware.
Infrastructure Costs No hosting infrastructure necessary. Your existing Internet connection provides access to the Avionté software suite. On-premise infrastructure may vary but will typically include dedicated rack space, cooling units, generators for backup power - all additional cost items.
Licensing Included in your monthly user fees. Licensing is granular and complex. There are OPEX costs for software maintenance on the licenses to ensure support and functionality upgrades.
Maintenance Included in your monthly user fees. Security patches, network maintenance, routine upgrades of tax tables and other third-party software, database maintenance including backup and replication strategies, re-indexing, performance tuning, health monitoring and remediation - all require the services of expensive IT professionals and DBAs, whether on-staff or contract. Support agreements with equipment vendors adds further expense.
Installation and Upgrades Included in your monthly user fees. You are responsible for the installation and upgrade of the software on your equipment. The persons installing or upgrading the Avionté Suite must have experience supporting SQL Server databases, Windows services, Windows applications, web servers and web applications utilizing Microsoft IIS, networking, ActiveDirectory, SMTP, SSL certificates and more.
Security Included in your monthly user fees. With Avionté Hosting, your data is safely housed in our secure Tier-III Datacenters which conform to SSAE 16 Type II, PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA requirements. And hosting with Avionté does not change the fact that you own your data. While your 'four walls' may seem like the most secure place for your data, the reality is that office buildings are not secure places with cleaning crews, maintenance staff, and building management able to come and go at all hours. Achieving a high-degree of security adds significant cost.
Disaster Recovery and Fault Tolerance Included in your monthly user fees. Avionté maintains two independent, geographically distant and highly redundant data centers that continually replicate your data between them to ensure your business stays running under the most extreme disaster scenarios. The only way to ensure up time is to have two of everything, at a minimum doubling your hardware costs and increasing maintenance and licensing costs. Additionally, a well-designed, consistently-available network will include a second geographically distant hosting location, further increasing costs.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Your costs are clear and budget forecasting is simple. On-premise TCO can be much higher than hosted TCO due to the costs of hardware, licensing, people, vendor support agreements, and unplanned downtime. You can incur unexpected and non-budgeted expenses due to hardware failures and lack of proper maintenance. Equipment failures and disasters like fire or flood can cause irreparable data loss. Budget forecasting is complex and inaccurate.



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