Web Browser Pages in AviontéCLASSIC

Certain actions in AviontéCLASSIC trigger web browser pages. This article explains how those triggers are set off and what users can expect when they do.


Key Takeaways

  1. Default Browser updated to match new Microsoft standards: While previous versions of AviontéCLASSIC opened web links in Internet Explorer 7, we have updated CLASSIC to open web links in the new MS Edge browser. IE7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Edge is MS's implementation of modern browser standards and will work for all web forms in the future.

  2. Upgrade needed for self-hosted clients: If Avionté hosts your version of CLASSIC, the update is automatic, but if you are a self-hosted client, you will need to upgrade your system for the new browser. Instructions for that are included at the end of the article.

  3. A brief list of the areas in CLASSIC affected by this: Opening the Distance Calculator, Opening a Map, Double-clicking on a web link in Contact Method, Opening the Resume Parser resume window, Opening the Terms & Agreement link, and Opening the Help Link.


Opening the Distance Calculator

Steps: Order->Actions->Show Directions.

Distance Calculator.png


Opening a Map

Steps: Employee->Actions->Show Map.

View Map.png


Double-clicking on a web link in Contact Method

Steps: Employee->ContactMethod with a choice code that has IsWebLink = TRUE and ConfigEditMaskTypeID to a value for web link.


Resume Parser resume window

Resume parser resume window.png


Terms & Agreement link

Terms & Agreement link.png


Help Link

Help Link.png


Opening E-docs in CLASSIC:

Employee - Documents.png

Edoc - W4.png


Note on Save PDF: This form no longer has a "close" button. Please use the browser window close button instead.

Save PDF.png


Additional affected areas of CLASSIC:

  • Background Check View Link
  • AutoMatching
  • Opening E-signature Docs from AERO in CLASSIC


Instructions for Self-Hosted Clients:

Self-hosted customers need to install a framework on their session hosts for the browser upgrade. It’s a Microsoft product called WebView2 Runtime.
Click Download Now and download and run the Evergreen Bootstrapper on your session host.
Download the WebView Runtime.png

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