Re-open an accounting period that was closed in error

Clients requested the ability to reopen accounting periods that have been closed in error. Previously this meant they had to create a billable ticket with the Technical Services team.

When users require an accounting period to be re-opened, it is usually of an urgent nature and needs to be handled quickly. This enhancement will help you do this.


Key Takeaways

  • This feature gives the ability to re-open an accounting period: Auditing is included, and limitations are set based on Technical Services' best practices.
  • There are permissions restrictions - this must be done by a super-user. If a user without the required permission attempts to reopen an accounting period, the system will display an error. This article User Tab - Super Users – Avionté Classic contains more information about Super Users.
  • There is a risk involved in reopening an accounting period: The system will ask the user if they are certain they want to proceed.
  • The user cannot have too many accounting periods open at once. This depends on the value set in the Config Option DefaultUnClosedAccountingPeriodCount. This article Config Option - AllowAccountingPeriodToClose contains more information.
  • Only the last accounting period can be re-opened.
  • The ACH process must not have been run.
  • GL must not have been run.
  • There is logic included around if a client has accidentally closed a pay period and opened a new one: The new one needs to move back to unopened, to allow the old one to be re-opened.


Activating the permission 

  • Navigate to System > Config Option > Config Option by Property > Select Type User > Search for and Select OptionType "wkl_RepoenAccountingPeriod" > Check the box to activate.
  • Log out and back in to save the changes. 


(click on the image to open a larger view in a new tab)


Steps to Follow

After a user has discovered they unintentionally closed an accounting period where they still have work to perform, they should proceed as follows:

  1. From within Weekly Process, go to Actions > Re-Open Accounting Period.

    Re-Open Accounting Period.png

    Re-Open Accounting Period - closeup.png

    The Re-Open Accounting Period screen will appear.
    Re-open Accounting Period screen.png

  2. The Keep Current Accounting Period Open? checkbox is unchecked by default. If the current accounting period already has checks and invoices, it should be kept open by checking the box.

  3. Click Continue. A confirmation screen appears.
    Confirm re-open accounting period.png

  4. To proceed, click OK. A Success message appears.

  5. Restart Avionté.

  6. Return to Time Entry. The previous accounting period will be displayed.

  7. Proceed with working in the accounting period.


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