Year-End: Employee Portal W2s

Key Takeaways

  • Adding W2s to Employee Portal
  • Viewing W2s in the Employee Portal
  • Notifying Employees of W2 availability



Posting W-2s Video
Posting W-2s to the Employee Portal

Viewing W-2s in the Employee Portal
Notifying Employees Their W-2s Are Available


Posting W-2s Video


Posting W-2s to the Employee Portal

  1. From the Main Menu, select Weekly Process.


  2. Select the Generate Green Shade shortcut button and the Green Shades window will load. The Green Shades window includes four sections.


  3. In the Company & Date section, choose the applicable company and date information: 
    Property Definition
    Staffing Supplier Company name by Federal ID.
    Year ID Select the year of the W2 to be posted. 
    Quarter Select Q4 to generate year-end reporting.
  4. In the File Info section, designate a folder on your local computer to store the XML (optional). Please make note of the folder to which the file will be saved, as you may need to refer to it later. 
  5. From the File Action section, select the Generate Feed & XML button.
    Note: Users may receive a message indicating that errors were discovered when generating the feed. Click Yes to review and then resolve those errors on the Employee record. Select the Generate Feed & XML button again and repeat this process until no error message is received. 
  6. Select Flag as Complete.
  7. Select Yes in the pop-up window to post the W-2s to the Employee portal. 


Alternatively, the quarter can be flagged as complete in Admin Tools so that the W-2 form displays in the Employee Portal. 

  1. From the Start Page, navigate to the Actions Menu.
  2. Select Admin Tools from the drop-down menu. 


  3. Under Category, choose Employer.
  4. Double click the staffing company (employer) issuing the W-2.


  5. Select the Config Year tab at the top of the window.


  6. From the Year drop-down menu, select the year of the W-2 forms that are to be available for display. 
  7. Save the data by selecting the correct date from the Q4 EndDate column.
  8. If the DateCompleted and LastDataGeneratedDate fields are not populated automatically, manually select the correct dates from the calendar drop-downs.


  9. Click Save to post the W-2s to the Employee portal.


Viewing W-2s in the Employee Portal

If employees consented to receive their W-2s electronically, the forms will be available in their Employee Portal under the Pay History tab. 

  1. Sign in to the Employee portal.
  2. Navigate to Pay History.
  3. From the Pay History menu, select W-2.
  4. Select the View hyperlink for the appropriate year.

A PDF document will open that employees can download or print.

Note: The IsVisible box must be selected in order for the W-2s to be accessible to employees. To manage those settings, go to Admin Portal > Employee > Pay History and select the View hyperlink next to the W-2 label. Then, check the IsVisible box.



Notifying Employees Their W-2s Are Available

The Get W2 Details AQ can be used to determine who was consented to receive their W2 electronically and provides employees' contact information.

  1. Navigate to Reports in the Avionté main menu.
  2. Locate the Get W2 Details AQ from your reports list. If you cannot find the report in your list, you may need to grant yourself or other users permission in Admin Tools > Report
  3. Double click on the Get W2 Details AQ in your list to open it.


  4. Enter the desired parameters.
    1. Select the proper supplier that you would like review
    2. Enter the reporting year in the Year field.
    3. Select Detail from the Return Type field.


  5. Click Run Query.
  6. Filter the ElectronicW2 column to those who responded Yes by using the drop-down list at the column header.
  7. Click the Options right-side tab and choose Export to Excel.


  8. A dialog box will open to save your exported file. Select a file location and click Save.
  9. Another dialog box will populate, asking if you would like to launch this exported file. Click Yes.
  10. Once opened in Excel, scroll to find the column labeled Email Address. You may then choose to filter out the Blanks in this column.
  11. Select all items in the column and choose Copy (or Ctrl + C on your keyboard).
  12. Open your Email application (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and Paste the copied email list into the To field. You may then craft your email to notify employees that their W-2s are available on the portal or are in the mail. 


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