Standard AQ - Active Assignments Missing Hours

Report Description

This AQ displays all the active assignments with missing hours.

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Parameter Name Options Description
Branch (Assignment) All available branches  
Accounting Period Date    
Customer Name   Filters results by Customer Name from Order.
Assignment ID   Filters results by Assignment ID.
Time Entered/Unentered


Entered Only

Unentered Only

When the option Entered Only is selected, the assignments with TimeEnteredMethod as "Web Entry" or "Core App Entry" are filtered.

When the option Unentered Only is selected, the assignments without TimeEnteredMethod or no time entries are filtered.

When the option Both is selected, the assignments that have time entries or missing time entries are displayed.


Report Fields

Field Name Description
StaffingCompany Assignment Supplier.
BranchName Assignment Branch.
Assignment ID Assignment ID.
EmployeeID Employee ID of the employee assigned to the assignment.
EmployeeName Employee Name of the employee assigned to the assignment.
CustomerName Customer Name from Order.
DepartmentName Customer Department Name
EmployeePrimaryContact Employee Primary Contact Method.
EmployeeHomePhone Employee Home Phone number.
EmployeeCell Employee Cell Phone Number.
EmployeeEmail Employee Email Address.
WeekWorked Week Worked Date.
StartDate Assignment Start Date.
EndDate Assignment End Date.

If the transaction is entered from the web then Web Entry is displayed.

If transaction is entered from Core App then Core App Entry is displayed.

PayUnit Transaction’s Pay unit.
BillUnit Transaction’s Bill unit.



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