Alabama Overtime Exemption Reporting Requirements

Alabama requires that the amount of overtime paid, and the number of employees are reported on for the entire year of 2023 for a one-time historical report as well as at least quarterly for tax year 2024.


The one-time historical report is on the A-3 form. The monthly/quarterly reporting starts with Quarter 1 2024. The number of employees is reported on the A-6 for monthly filers and the A-1 quarterly report for quarterly filers.


The State WH reports for CLASSIC and BOLD have been adjusted for the state of Alabama to reflect the amount of OT paid and the number of employees. The data pulled from this report can be used for the one-time historical report and monthly and quarterly reporting requirements.

For more information, and to ensure your compliance, please refer to the requirements from Alabama:

Overtime Exemption - Alabama Department of Revenue


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