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Self-Serve Utility - Sick Leave Accrual Migrator Utility

The Sick Leave Accrual Migrator is useful when an existing sick plan changes it's parameters. You can now make changes to employees' accrual plans in mass. If a sick leave plan's parameters change, an administrator should first set up the new Accrual Plan with the updated configuration. Then, a Super User can run this AQ to migrate the former plan to the new version.

Once this AQ runs, there is no turning back without a lot of work. Please use caution when using this AQ to avoid a large amount of billable work from our technical teams to undo the changes made. 



There are some unique restrictions to this utility. Please review the restrictions below to ensure the utility can accomplish your request:

  • This AQ is built to be run by Super Users. If a non-Super User attempts to run the AQ, an error will fire and the AQ will not.
  • This utility cannot migrate plans from one state to another. For example, users can’t move a California plan to a Washington plan. The utility will catch this discrepancy and will not successfully run.
  • You cannot migrate to the same plan. This means users cannot select the same plan as the New Plan and Original Plan parameters.  
  • Plans cannot be migrated across suppliers.


AQ Parameters


There are four parameters that the Super User will need to select before running the AQ. Use the explanations below to help you understand what to enter:

Parameter Description
Original Plan The plan that you are transferring from
New Plan The plan that you want active at the end.
Effective Date The start date and anniversary date
Unit Ceiling The max amount of carry over to the new plan. Example: If the Original Plan has a max balance of 40 and the new plan has a max balance of 20, you would set the Unit Ceiling to 20 and the new plan would be capped at that hours total.)

User Access

  1. Navigate to Start Page > Admin Tools > Report > Advanced Query tab
  2. Type the name of the targeted AQ in the Title column to search for the report by name. 

  3. Click the row of the report in the grid.
  4. In the Report Users section, select User or Group.
  5. Place a check mark in the User or Group check box to enable the report for that user or group.
  6. Click Save.
  7. A "Save Complete" confirmation pop-up displays. Click OK. The AQ is now available to the selected user or group. 
    • The application may have to be restarted for the AQ change to take effect. 



  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Report > Reports
  2. From the Report Category list, click Self-Serve Utilities.

  3. Select the AQ from the Report area on the right. The AQ opens in a new window.
  4. Enter the parameters using the explanations above
  5. Click Run Query


Results of using the Utility

Once the AQ successfully runs, the Old Plan will deactivate on employees' records and the new plan should be active with the transferred balance from the Old Plan or a new balance based on the Unit Ceiling. 



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