Standard AQ - Invoice Finance Charge Details AQ

Report Description

Gives details of the Finance Charges applied to invoices.





Parameter Name



Branch (Invoice)

All available branches

Filter for Invoice Branch

Date Type

Invoice Date, Accounting Period Date, Finance Charge Date, Finance Charge Accounting Period Date

Select particular Date Type to run the AQ

Start Date



End Date





Report Fields

Field Name


Customer ID

Customer ID of Invoiced Customer

Customer Name

Customer Name

Department Name

Department Name

Invoice Branch

Invoice Branch Name

Invoice Number

Invoice Number

Email Status

Email Status

Invoice Date

Invoice Date of Invoice

Invoice Accounting Period Date

Accounting Period Date associated with the invoice.

Invoice Amount

Invoice Amount of Invoice

Balance Amount

Balance Amount of Invoice

Finance Charge Date

Date on which Finance Charge was added

Finance Charge Accounting Period Date

Accounting Period in which the Finance charge was processed.

Finance Charge Percent

Applied Finance Charge Percent

Chargeable Amount

Amount subjected for Finance Charge calculation

Finance Charge

Finance Charge amount

Charge Type

Finance Charge Type

Increase Balance Amount

Indicates if Balance Amount of Invoice has been increased with Finance Charge amount


Identifier for company in AviontéBOLD (Front Office)



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