Standard Canadian Report - T4 Company Summary_CA

Report Description

A T4, akin to an American W2, provides employee tax information. The T4 Company Summary_CA offers a summary-level look at the tax associated with a supplier's employees.







Parameter Name



Supplier Name

All suppliers available within a Company


Year ID

4-digit year i.e. 2023

A single year for which the tax information is displayed. A range of years is not allowed.



Report Fields

Field Name



The year ending will be that of the calendar year for which the employer is filing the return.

Employer’s account number (15 characters)

Employer’s account number which is of 15 characters.

Name and address of employer

Employer’s name and address

Line 14 Employment income

Total of box 14 from all T4 slips.

Line 16 Employee’s CPP contributions

Total of box 16 from all T4 slips.

Line 16A Employee's second CPP (CPP2) contributions

For T4 summaries filed for calendar year 2024 and after, add the amounts in box 16A of all T4 slips. Report the total on line 16A.

Line 18 Employee’s EI premiums

Total of box 18 from all T4 slips.

Line 19 Employer’s EI premiums

Employer's share of EI premiums (the employees' total premiums multiplied by the employer's premium rate).

Line 20 Registered pension plan (RPP) contributions

Total of box 20 from all T4 slips.

Line 22 Income tax deducted

Total of box 22 from all T4 slips.

Line 27  Employer’s CPP contributions

Employer's share of CPP contributions.

Line 27A Employer's second CPP (CPP2) contributions

For T4 summaries filed for calendar year 2024 and after, report your share of CPP2 contributions on line 27A.

Line 52 Pension adjustment

Total of box 52 from all T4 slips.

Lines 74 and 75 - Canadian-controlled private corporations or unincorporated employers

The social insurance numbers of any proprietors or principal owners.

Lines 76 and 78 - Person to contact about this return

The name and telephone number of a contact person that can be called to get or clarify information reported on the T4 Summary.

Line 80 Total deductions reported

Total of the amounts reported on lines 16, 27, 18, 19, and 22 of the summary.

Line 82 Minus: remittances

Enter the amount remitted for the year under the Business Number.

Note: A remittance that was due on January 15 of the current year (for deductions made in December of the previous year) is considered late when paid with the previous year's information return (T4, T4A), and this return is filed after January 15.


Line 82 will be subtracted from line 80 and the difference entered in the space provided. If there is no difference between the total deductions reported and the amount remitted for the year, lines 84 and 86 will remain blank. Generally, there is no charge or refund if there is a difference of $2 or less.

Line 84 Overpayment

If the amount on line 82 is more than the amount on line 80, the difference will be entered on line 84. Attach a note indicating the reason for the overpayment and whether this amount should be transferred to another account or another year, or to refund the overpayment.

Line 86 Balance due

If the amount on line 80 is more than the amount on line 82, the difference will be entered on line 86.

Amount enclosed

If a balance due, enclose a cheque or money order with the T4 Summary payable to the Receiver General for the balance owing. If you remit your payment late, any balance owing may be subject to penalties and interest at the prescribed rate.

Line 88 - Total number of T4 slips filed

The total number of T4 slips that are included with the T4 Summary.



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