Standard AQ - Quarterly Sales by Fiscal Year

Report Description

A breakdown of quarterly sales by fiscal year. This report provides a good summary of total sales, total hours, and gross profit during a specific quarter in a fiscal year. The report includes data from any Transaction Splits if there is data in the ConfigTransactionSplitPlan table, otherwise data comes from transactions.




Parameter Name



Branch (Transaction)

All available branches


Date Type

Accounting Period Date, Invoice Date & Week Worked Date


Fiscal Year Start Date



Fiscal Year End Date



Line of Business

List of Customer Type from Sales Info


Roll up to Root Customer Yes, No Based on this parameter, result will either be displayed per individual customer department or rolled into Root Customer.



Report Fields

Field Name


Branch Name

Branch name from Transaction Split

Year ID

Year part of accounting period date of transaction


Quarter of accounting period date of transaction


Shows bill to name of transaction


Shows department of customer

Total Bill

Sum of TotalBill from Transaction Split

Bill Amount

Sum of BillAmount from Transaction Split

GP Adj Bill

Sum of GPAdjustmentBill from Transaction Split

Total Sales

Sum of BillAmount + GPAdjustmentBill

Total Hours

Sum of BillTotalHours from Transaction Split

Gross Profit

Sum of GrossProfit from Transaction Split

Line of Business

Shows Customer Type form Sales Info



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