Standard AQ - Employee Tax Info

Report Description

This report breaks down the amounts of each tax that each employee (including tax-exempt employees) is withholding. The Employee Tax Info report is especially helpful if you need detailed employee tax information and/or filing statuses.





Parameter Name



Branch (Employee)

All available branches


Employee Status

All, Active, Inactive, Applicant, Deleted, etc.

Lists out all the Employee Statuses



Report Fields

Field Name


Employee Branch

Employee’s Branch

Employee ID

Employee’s ID

Employee Name

Employee’s Name

Employee Status

Employee’s Status

On Assignment?

Employee is on assignment or not? (check box)

US Withholding Type

Indicates if the employee is being taxed as a non-resident alien.

Tax Type

Type of taxes. Like example – Federal Income Tax, FICA, Medicare, SUI, etc.

Tax Name

Name of the taxes. Like example – FICA EE, FICA ER, MN EH, MN SUI ER, FUTA ER, etc.


Is Employee’s Tax active or not?

Tax Filing Status

Tax Marital Status. Like example – Single, Married, N/A, etc.


Exemptions of Employee’s Tax


Dependents of Employee’s Tax

Add WH

Add WH of Employee’s Tax

Is Tax Exempt?

Is Tax exempt or not? (check box)


Indicator if the Non-Resident Certification has been received. 

Fixed Percentage

Fixed Percentage of Employee’s Tax

Exemption Amount

Exemption Amount of Employee’s Tax

Last Check Date

Employee’s most recent paycheck’s date

IRS Lock-in

Checkbox for HasLockInLetter field (EmployeeTax and FederalW42020)



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