Standard AQ - Employee Payroll Tax Detail with PreTax

Report Description

This report provides a detailed breakdown of employee taxes with pretax deduction types and amounts.





Parameter Name



Branch (Employee)

All available branches

Employee’s Branch

Date Type

Accounting Period Date, Check Date

Paycheck’s Accounting Period Date and Check Date

Start Date



End Date



Tax Type

All, Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, etc.

List outs all the taxes



Report Fields

Field Name


Staffing Supplier Description

Paycheck’s supplier

Employee Branch

Employee’s branch

Employee ID

Employee’s ID


Employee’s ID in AviontéBOLD (front office)

Employee Name

Employee’s Name

On Assignment

Employee is on assignment or not? (check-box)

US Withholding Type

Indicates if the employee is being taxed as a non-resident alien. 

Tax Name

Name of the tax

Gross Wages

Sum of Total Gross Amount of Paycheck

Subject Gross

Sum of Total Subject Gross Amount of Paycheck

Taxable Gross

Total amount on which taxes are applicable

Tax Amount

Total amount  of Tax

401k Deductions

Sum of total deduction amount; ExternalDeductionID = 1

Sec125 Deductions

Sum of total deduction amount; ExternalDeductionID = 0



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