Standard AQ - Cleared Paychecks by Date

Report Description

Displays a list of paychecks cleared during a specific time period.





Parameter Name



Branch (Paycheck)

All available branches.


Start Date (Date Cleared)


Paymentcheck’s datecleared.

End Date (Date Cleared)


Paymentcheck’s datecleared.

Payment Bank

All available payment banks.

Filters results by customer name.



Report Fields

Field Name



Pulls employee’s social security number from employee.

Payee Name

Pulls employee name from employee.

Check Number

Pulls check number from paymentcheck.

Check Date

Pulls check date from paymentbatch.

Gross Amount

Pulls gross amount from paymentcheck.

Net Amount

Pulls net amount from paymentcheck.

Date Cleared

Pulls date cleared from paymentcheck.

Accounting Period Date

Pulls accounting period date of paymentcheck.

Payment Bank ID

Pulls payment bank id from paymentbank.

Bank Name

Pulls bank name from paymentbank.

Bank Description

Pulls description from paymentbank.

Is Direct Deposit

Pulls isdirectDeposit from paymentcheck.

Is W2

Pulls isw2 from paymentcheck.



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