Transaction Type Property - UnitsToHoursMultiplier


Updated 07/13/2021


The Unit To Hours Multiplier column allows for units to be changed into hours for inclusion in ACA calculation. Entering a number greater than zero will have one unit equal to multiple hours. Entering a decimal will cause a unit to be equal to a part of an hour. If nothing is entered, applicable units will be counted as being equal to an hour. For example, 1 week of salary would be equal to 40 hours.


This UnitToHoursMultiplier is also utilized with Accrual Plans that are configured to include a "Salary" configured transaction type [Admin Tools > Accrual Plan > Accrual Plan Accrue sub-tab]. The system will utilize the UnitToHourMultiplier to determine the accrual value for the transaction type entered in Time Entry as 1 Pay Unit with the Salary Pay Rate.


Numeric Value Entered In Result Example
Nothing or blank 1 unit = 1 hour  
Integer greater than zero 1 unit = multiple hours (# provided) Entered 2 = 1 unit is equal to 2 hours
Decimal 1 unit = Partial hour (# provided) Entered .5 = 1 unit is equal to 30 minutes (half hour)




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