Adjusting Advance Bank in v14.2+

There are some cases where a client will need to deduct from the balance of an advance bank, but will not be issuing any further checks for the employee. Below is a process they can follow to reduce, or clear the advance bank balance amount.

Example Scenario: Employee no longer works for client, and will not work for them in the future. But they pay back the debt (outside of Avionté). 



Configuration Requirements

Set up an adjustment transaction type (very similar to a Per Diem).

The transaction type properties will vary based on client process, but  the following property settings should be applied:

  • Exclude In Minimum Wage Calculation = True
  • Include In ACA Hours = False
  • Include In Other Hours = False 
  • Pay Required = True


Optional but recommended property settings:

  • Bill Required = False


Example Transaction Type (in Customer Care 15.1):





Steps to reduce amount of advance bank:

  1. Navigate to Back Office > Time Entry > Home

  2. From the Actions menu select "Create Transaction From Assignment" and in the Assignment Transaction window search for and select the employee. Then choose week worked, and click Create Time Card.
    1. Note: It is recommended to use the same assignment as the transactions for the original check, and use the same week worked as original check.) 

      Create Transaction From Assignment

  3. Navigate to Back Office > Time Entry > Sheet View

  4. Create new time entry batch. 

  5. Right-click and select Insert Transaction Type.

  6. Choose your transaction type for reducing advance bank. 

  7. (Optional) Right-click on the other transaction types (examples: Reg, and OT) in the transaction and select Delete Transaction Item.

  8. Enter 1 pay unit (no bill units.)

  9. Enter pay rate equal to the amount the employee is paying back.
     Inserted Tranasction Type in  Time Entry

  10. Verify and close time entry batch following normal time entry process.

  11. Navigate to Back Office > Payroll section and create a new batch.

  12. Select your payback transaction(s)

  13. Process payroll batch (Note: If the employee has other deductions setup on the employee record you can either deactivate them before processing or manually edit the check to zero out the deductions.) 

  14. Click the View Paychecks button (or Actions > View Paychecks.)

  15. Select the check in grid at the top.

  16. Look at deduction section (bottom-right area of screen) and verify the transaction type deduction is there as well as the advance bank deduction.

  17. Verify the check is a net zero check, has no gross amount, or taxes being deducted.
    1. Be sure that the Payroll Batch has been processed and posted.

      Correcting Check

  18. Restart the application
    1. This ensures the calculations/updates occur and reflect properly on the Employee's record

  19. Click the View Payee button to go to the Employee's record.

  20. Navigate to Back Office > Payroll > Deductions and verify advance bank amount is being reduced.

    Employee Advance Bank Deduction History

  21. If advance bank is being reduced the correct amount, return to Payroll.

  22. Print the payroll batch (flag print complete if they do not want to print the check.)

  23. Post payroll batch.



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