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New users are added to the employer (staffing supplier) and existing users are edited on the Users tab for the selected employer.

Note: Users must be added to the active directory for a complete set-up. Users can be added to the active directory via the User Manager for hosted clients. It is recommended to add users to the active directory prior to adding them in the application. 



Add or Edit Users

User Groups
Add a User Group
Add a User to a Group
Modify User/Group Permissions



Add or Edit Users

To add or edit a user for the current employer (supplier):
  1. Click the Add/Edit button in the upper-left corner of the screen just above the grid. The System Admin User screen appears. The existing users will appear in the grid above while the settings for the selected user, along with permissions, appear in the lower section of the window.

  2. To create a new user, click on the Add New button just below the grid. The forms will be reset for new entry.
  3. Enter the User name and its description in their respective fields.
    Note: The username must match exactly to the username in the Avionté User Manager or the active directory. Add a new user in the User tab if the username is different in the active directory. 
  4. Check the Active check box to make the user Active. 
  5. The default site of the newly entered user can also be selected from the drop-down of the Default Site field.
  6. Mark the Visible check box if the user is to appear in reports.
  7. Select Apply Group to apply a group to the user.
    Note: A group must be assigned to the user in order to apply properties associated with the user group.
  • Apply Group: Assigns the user to a group and applies related properties. 
  • Copy profile from user: Updates the user's profile and permissions with the selected user's profile and permissions.
    • Note: All the users available for the Staffing Supplier will appear in the Copy Information from drop down. The user permission can also be defined in the User Permission box by checking the options available.
  •  Click Web Login to give a user access to the Outlook Connector
Note: Users must be added to the active directory for a complete set-up. Users can be added to the active directory via the User Manager for hosted clients. 


User Groups

User groups offer a way to quickly assign access to multiple users who require the same specialized permissions to specific aspects of Avionté.

Note: A user must be assigned to a User Group. 


Add a User Group

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