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Updated 07/06/2021
The Detail item of the Favorites section displays an exploded view of a group's information. 

To perform specific actions on the Favorites section select the action from the Actions menu in the upper-right corner of the window, or select it from the Shortcut group.
The Actions available are:
Action Description
Edit Group Make changes to group data.
Refresh Update group information.
Mass Mail Send out large-scale email notifications.
Move/Copy Favorite Items Move items in favorites.
New Favorite Group Items Add a favorite group item to the group.
Add Child Add a child group to the group.
New Message Add a new message to the group.
Show Favorite Group Items View Favorite Group Items in the Report Viewer.


Basic information regarding the selected group is displayed in the Group Info group. The Group Info group displays:

Field Description
Group ID The identification number for the group.
Name Full name of the group.
Status (Active, Inactive, etc.)
Type (Employee, Agency, etc.)
Parent The parent group of the current group (if applicable).

The Description group displays the description of the group entered when it was created. To make changes to the Description, click the Edit Group shortcut button or select Edit Group from the Actions menu.

Entity Grid

The entity grid at the bottom of the window allows for the removal of entities from the group and as well as navigation to other aspects of the system in order to view the entity in greater detail.

To examine the entity in greater detail, click the View icon on the far-right of the grid. This will navigate you to the section that matches the entity's type. So if the entity is an employee the View icon will navigate you to the Employee section, whereas if the entity is an agency the icon will navigate you to the Agency section.

To remove an entity from the grid, click the Remove icon on the far-right of the grid.


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