Supplier: Locality/Country Tab

The states, provinces, and countries in which the staffing supplier performs placements are added in the Locality/Country tab.

Add or Edit a Locality
Add or Edit a Country Code


Add or Edit a Locality

  1. Click the Locality/Country tab in the Supplier section of Admin Tools.
  2. Click the Locality tab in the upper-left part of the screen. The window will display data for any currently-selected locality in the list.
  3. If you are adding a new locality, click Add New. The fields in the lower portion of the window will be cleared for entering new data (as shown below).
  4. Make changes to the following fields as needed:
    • Country: Choose the country from the list. This list displays only those countries that have been set up through the Country Code tab. Note that when you switch countries, the field that follows changes from State to Province, and vice versa.
    • State or Province: Select the state or province to assign to this locality.
    • Note: Add any notes to provide additional information.
    • Minimum Wage: Enter the known minimum wage for this locality.
    • Require Sales Tax: Check to indicate whether the locality requires the collection of sales tax.
  5. Click Save to add or update the locality. If adding, the newly-entered locality displays in the upper grid.


Add or Edit a Country Code

  1. Click the Locality/Country tab in the Supplier section of Admin Tools.
  2. Click the Country Code tab in the upper-left part of the screen.
  3. Select a Country to be edited or click Add New to clear the fields for a new entry.
  4. Update or enter the information in the following fields:
    • Supplier Name: Select a Staffing Supplier from the drop-down menu.
    • Country Code: Select the country from the drop-down menu.
    • Minimum Wage: Enter a minimum wage if any.
  5. Click Save to save the changes or to add the new country to the upper grid.


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