Invoice Corrections for Invoices with PA Sales Tax


Updated 06/24/2021


PA sales tax is based on the gross profit of the transaction. This means the transaction must include both pay and bill units.


The standard invoice correction process does not include any payroll related data, and therefore there is no new gross profit to calculate on the correcting transaction resulting in the PA sales tax appearing to calculate incorrectly.


Avionte currently does not have a way to handle invoice corrections with PA Sales Tax. So the recommended process is to:

  1. Zero out the bill units for the incorrect transaction on the invoice by doing an invoice correction

  2. Do a check correction (generate original pay units)

  3. Find the newly created positive transaction in time entry

  4. Correct the pay units/rate, enter the correct bill units/rate 

  5. Complete payroll process

  6. Create a new billing batch, and select the transaction 

  7. Finish billing batch process creating a new invoice 

  8. Merge the original invoice, correcting invoice, and new invoice 



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