Email Template Migration Steps - 16.1 and Newer


Updated 07/06/2021


The following steps detail the process that will migrate customized email templates that were previously stored in Start Page > Actions menu > Admin Tools > ConfigOption > EmployerSetting > NewWebLoginEmailInfoSP.

  1. Locate the SP entered into ConfigOption > EmployerSetting > NewWebLoginEmailInfoSP

  2. Copy the part of the SP that correlates to the text displayed in the template
    This values should be a string.

  3. Save that content into an external text editor (Word, Notepad, etc)

  4. Return to the SP and note the roles for which this SP was configured.

  5. Complete the upgrade.

  6. Open the Core application.

  7. Navigate to Email > Templates.

  8. Click the New Template button to open the Template Creation Wizard.
    1. Enter a template name and description.

    2. Select the recipients of the email from the Type drop-down menu. The types available correspond to the recipients as such:

      Selection in Type Applies to these intended recipients
      Employee Applicant and Employee
      Contact Customer and Vendor

      NoteThis will effect what substitution fields (fields that are replaced with recipient related information per email) are available. 

    3. Do not select related entities, due to the password reset emails not supporting these fields.

      If the customized SP used any extra fields from entities that weren't the sender or recipient, they will no longer work.
    4. Click Next when all entities have been selected.

    5. In the Template design tab, copy the subject and body text that was saved in step #2 into the email. This can be done through the available editor. 

    6. Add the new substitution field #Recipient.WebPortalURL# to replace the old URL


To enter a substitution field:

  1. Select one of the entities from directly above the Subject line. They are displayed: Sender, Recipient, and then the extra entities in the order they were added on the last page.

  2. A drop-down menu will open with a list of the substitution fields that can be added to the template. Each one will have the system name of the information it will be populating with.

  3. Select one of the options, and the correlating substitution field will populate at the location of the cursor in the message box.
  • Add the substitution fields [[UserName]] and [[Password]]
    Note: These fields are unique to Password reset emails.

  • Record any substitution fields that were not transferred because they were for entities that weren't the sender or recipient. It will need to be communicated to the customer that these are no longer supported.

  • After entry, click the Next button to save the template and progress to the Mass Mail Template User tab.

  • From the available users, select what users will have permission to modify this template. Alternatively, use the available quick selection buttons to select multiple users at once.

  • Click the Finish button to finish the process and make this template available for use.

  • Return to Step #9 for each role noted in step #4

  • Navigate to Start Page > Actions Menu > Admin Tools > Assign Email Templates

  • Assign templates that were created to each of their roles. If a template was not created for a role, leave the default template selected.


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