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Updated 06/24/2021


The Web Login option located on the Start Page Actions Menu offers users a simple password change option. If a user has Admin Tools credentials, they may also change a password and other values by using the Admin Tools - User Tab - Web Login User interface.


Access the Actions Menu Web Login page by navigating to Start Page > Actions menu > Web login



Login Name (auto-populated) The username based on the name entered into the Admin Tools - User Tab - Web Login User interface.

(asterisks displayed for security) The password that will be used to log into Aero, the Sales Mobile app, or the Outlook Add-In. 

Note: If a password is not entered, a 16-character password will be generated for the user. Check the "Email Web Login" box to send the password to the user's email.

  1. Click on the asterisks in the field.
  2. Delete the asterisks.
  3. Type in the Aero user's new password.

Web Login password requirements:

    • at least eight characters
    • one special character
    • one capital letter
    • one number
    • passwords with 16 or more characters may be any combination
    • five failed password attempts will disable entry attempts for 15 minutes
User Description (auto-populated, but editable) A free-text description of the user. 
Web Role (auto-populated) The role that defines the access and responsibilities of the user. Different levels of access are applied to roles. When a user is defined in a role, the levels of access are granted to the user. 

Note: The Sales option gives the user access to the Mobile Sales Application. The OutlookAddInUser gives the user access to the Outlook Connector.


User options such as "Account Locked," "Web Role," and "Reset Password at Next Login" are still controlled through the Web Login User interface at Start Page > Actions Menu > Admin Tools > Employer Category > [select Employer] > User tab > Edit User > Web Login. Visit the Web Login Wizard - Users article for details. 


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