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A check can be voided if either you or the employee has the check in hand. The physical check will still need to be recalled. If the check is voided in Avionté, it may not yet be voided by your bank. Consult your bank to ensure the employee is not able to cash the check.

Note: Voiding a check that contains an employee deduction (i.e. healthcare, child support, etc.) may cause imbalances on the transaction that must be cleared using Clear APItems
  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Back Office > Paycheck 

  2. Perform a search as needed to display results in the Paycheck search grid.

  3. Select the paycheck by double-clicking on its row.

  4. Click the Actions menu.

  5. Click Void Paycheck. The Void Paycheck window appears.

  6. Fill in the fields with the appropriate information: 

    Note: The Errors & Warning tab is only available in versions 16.1 and newer. 

    Field Description
    Accounting Period

    Select the appropriate accounting period.

    Note: Avionté best practice is to process any paycheck corrections in the current accounting period.
    Check Date

    If the original check and the corrected check are issued in the same filing year, set the date to either today's date or a date in the future.

    Note: All corrections should be made in the current accounting period when possible. Do NOT backdate the check date unless it meets the special circumstance outlined below. Manipulating this information will affect quarterly and year end tax filings.

    If the original check was issued in the previous year (i.e. December 2017) and the correction is processed in the current year (i.e. any time in 2018), set the check date to the last day of the previous year (i.e. December 31, 2017). Processing the correction in this way will avoid negative wages in the current year.
    Note: If the check correction was processed across filing years, as described above, it is necessary to amend the previous year filings. Consult your financial adviser for more information.

    Note: In versions 16.1 and newer, the config option CheckCorrectionWindow controls the window in which the date can be set. A red exclamation point will indicate if the chosen date falls outside of the window. View the CheckCorrectionWindow help page for more information. 

    Run Type "Check Void"
    Bank Select the Bank account that will be used to process this voided check.
    Description Enter information regarding the voiding of the check.
    Note: This field is optional.
    Generate Original Pay Units Check this box to insert a transaction back into Time Entry so that the pay units can be readjusted.
    Note: If you are voiding because you paid the incorrect employee, do not check this box.
    Apply State Minimum Wage Check this box to apply the state minimum wage to the pay units. In some states you can elect to pay the employee the state's minimum wage if the employee walked off the job. 
    Reason Enter or select the reason why the check is being voided.

  7. Click Finish. The check is processed, and a message will appear once the paycheck void has been processed.

    Note: Certain DRMs will run prior to the batch process, and any errors will appear in the Errors & Warning tab. 

  • Mark the Approve checkbox to approve of any warnings. 
    Note: The user will have to cancel the batch and fix severe errors prior to processing and posting the batch.  

  • Click Finish on the warning messages to finish the batch processing. 

  • Click OK. A message will appear to indicate the payroll has been posted.

  • If the Generate Original Pay Units box was checked when processing the check void, the employee's time must be adjusted. See the Time Entry - Paycheck Correction article for more information.


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