Admin Portal - Configure Web Portal Menus


Updated 07/28/2021



From the Admin Portal, the menus in the Web Portals can be customized to only show certain sections. This also removes these sections from being accessible to an applicant during their application workflow.


  1. Select the Menu option from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select which portal you wish to configure from the drop-down menu labeled Portal.

  3. Select which Menu list you wish to configure.
    Note: Selecting Applicant Portal allows you to disable part of the application workflow.

  4. Click View to open window with options for this menu item.

    • Menu Label: Add/Edit the text that will display for this link.

    • Image Path: Edit the path to image that will display with this link (If Applicable).

    • Sort Order: Enter a Number if you wish to change the order this link will be display in relation to the other links.
      Note: A lower number will place it higher on the list.

    • Page Path: Enter a link to file this link directs to.

    • Is Visible: Checking this box will cause this link to display for the branches listed below.

    • Branch: Select which branches will be affected by the Is Visible selection. To remove an item from view in a branch, un-check the box next to the corresponding branch.

  5. Click Update within the opened window to save the changes made to the above fields.

  6. Close the window and refresh or load the configured portal.


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