Admin Portal - Override Settings by Site, Site Group, or Supplier


Updated 07/28/2021


An option in the Portal Property, Email Format, and Applicant Workflow sections of the Admin portal allows for the override of properties by Supplier, Site, and Site Group levels.

  1. Within one of the three sections listed above, select the portal property to work with, or click the More link found to the right of the property (in the Email Format or Applicant Workflow sections). To view the current value where the property is set by default, look above the grid just to the left. Text, such as "The value is set at the Supplier level" will display.

  2. Click the Enable override option checkbox, found to the right just above the grid.

  3. On the confirmation window that appears, click OK to continue. The Value grid will change to display your selection (a list of suppliers, site groups, or sites). Also, the Override by drop-down list appears at the top of the grid to the left.

  4. From the Override by drop-down, select the override value:

    Supplier The value entered here for each supplier overrides values defined at the site or site group level.
    Site Group The value entered for each site group overrides the values defined at the sites that are defined to the group. Site (branch) groups are defined in Admin Tools.
    Site The value entered here overrides any values that are defined at the supplier or site group level.
  5. The values can be changed individually for each named entity in the grid. For example, the LA office in the example above could have its value changed to "Thank you for applying with ABC Staffing's LA office," or, you can mass update all entities by modifying the value in the top row entitled "Name," and then clicking the associated check box to the left. A confirmation window will ask you to verify the change.

  6. If you edited the values for the entities individually, click the checkbox at the far left that is associated to each.

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page, if necessary, and then click Update.


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