Certificate of Non-Residency Configuration


How to Configure Certificate of Non-Residency for Employees Living and Working in Two Different States that Participate in Reciprocal Calculations:

If you have employees living in a different state than they work in, these are considered non-resident employees. You may provide them a non-resident certificate for the work state.  In some states, the non-resident certificate allows the employee to declare that they are exempt from income taxes for the work state, and instead income taxes will be withheld for their home/resident state. 

Avionte is discontinuing the configuration of sending the Certificate of Non-Residency [NR_CERT]  states that engage in reciprocal calculations from the "Supplier" [ADMIN > EMPLOYER > Select Applicable SUPPLIER > Click on TAX RECIPROCAL TREATMENT tab > Field check box is NR_CERT] To be compliant, it is the responsibility of the employer to set this value at an employee level for the jurisdiction after they have received the filled out Certificate of Non-Residency form from their employee.

Below is an example of how to configure an employee that works in Minnesota but lives in Michigan. The goal of this example is to calculate the Resident Michigan Withholding instead of the Non-Resident Withholding.


Add access to the NR_Cert field.  Select it from the Field Chooser.


If you have a non-resident certificate on file for this employee, check the box. 


On the employee's paycheck, notice that only the resident state withholding is calculated. 





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