Massachusetts (MA) Paid Family & Medical Leave Reporting

Massachusetts will require quarterly reporting of Paid Family Leave, similar to the unemployment reporting that the state requires. The first employer reporting/filing is required by January 31, 2020. 

A Massachusetts - Paid Family & Medical Leave - Wage Report export has been added to the Weekly Process section to accommodate this required reporting.



Just like other reports in Avionté, users need to have permission to run each report, import, or export. To grant permission to this export to specific users:

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools > Report > Advance Query tab

  2. Filter the Query Name column to "Massachusetts" to locate the Massachusetts - Paid Family & Medical Leave - Wage Report.

  3. Click on the report in the list

  4. In the Advanced Query Users section in the bottom right corner of the screen, select the User radio button

  5. Search for a user in the list that should have permission to this export

  6. Check off the user's name from the list to grant them permission

  7. Click Save




Running the Export

To run the Massachusetts - Paid Family & Medical Leave – Wage Report:

  1. Click on Weekly Process from the main menu

  2. Open the Export/Import right-side tab

  3. In the Select Feed drop-down, choose Massachusetts - Paid Family & Medical Leave – Wage Report

  4. Enter parameters based on the descriptions below:

    Quarter The quarter for which to export wage data for Paid Family Medical Leave Reporting. Start typing the desired quarter in the following format to more easily select quarter (hit Tab after entering quarter)

    Format: Supplier full name : Quarter Year
    Example: ABC Staffing: Q1 2019
    Phase Analysis: Run the export in this phase to see column headers as well as additional relevant data. 

    Generate Report: Run the export in this phase to get a file per the state specification (SSN/ITIN, First and last Name, Independent Contractor Status, Opt-In Individual, YTD Wages, and Wages This Quarter).
    FEIN Freeform field. Allows the user to narrow down the set of results generated in the export file by specifying individual FEINs. Two suppliers with the same EIN can be combined into one report.
  5. Select file export location. This is the location where the exported file will be saved.

  6. Click Process File. A file named "WAPFMLYYYY-MM-DD.csv" will be created in the export location.

Massachusetts - Weekly Process.png


MassTaxConnect Filing Instructions

  1. Log in to MassTaxConnect

  2. Click on the Paid Family and Medical Leave account

  3. Click on the File Return link.

  4. Click the Import From Excel

  5. Select Download Excel Template in order to download the correctly formatted Excel spreadsheet to transfer data from the Avionté export.

    Note: The Massachusetts government designed a hard-coded Excel spreadsheet that will be accepted for upload into the system for filing. It will not allow for any other formatted spreadsheet to successfully upload.

  6. Open the downloaded Form PFM (shown below)


  7. Open the saved .csv file of exported data from Avionté, then copy and paste the data into Form PFM in the appropriate areas. The last 2 columns, “% of Medical Contribution Deducted from Employee” & “% of Family Contribution Deducted from Employee” are excluded and will auto-populate after successful import.

  8. Click Import

  9. Click OK to complete the data transfer in to MassTax filing system. The % of Medical Contribution Deducted from Employee will auto-fill to 40% & % of Family Contribution Deducted from Employee to 100% based on standard guidelines.



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