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Occasionally, Avionté clients will want to import employees, customers, and contacts into the Core application after the initial data conversion has occurred and the client is live with Avionté.  In such cases, the process for Avionté Standard Conversion Imports should be followed. The three types of Avionté Standard Conversion Imports are Employee, Customer, and Contact.



Prior to attempting the conversion, data must be formatted according to the appropriate spreadsheet download template available at the bottom of this article: Employee Standard Conversion Format, Customer Standard Conversion Format, or Contact Standard Conversion Format.

In addition, users must have permission for the Avionté Standard Employee Conversion, Avionté Standard Customer Conversion, and Avionté Standard Contact Conversion imports. Access to these imports is granted in Admin Tools > Report > Advanced Query by selecting the box under IsDataFeed for each conversion.

*There is no duplicate checking when doing the Contact Import*



Import Process



  1. From the Main Menu, select Import Export.
  2. Select Import Export Batch Wizard to open Import Export Batch.
  3. Name the batch and provide a description.
  4. In the File field, browse and upload the spreadsheet to be imported. Select the correct worksheet from the WorkSheet drop-down menu if the option appears.
  5. From the Mapping Group drop-down, select Avionté Standard Front Office Import. 
  6. Select Avionté Standard Contact Conversion, Avionté Standard Customer Conversion, or Avionté Standard Employee Conversion as the Processing Method.
  7. Enter a Conversion Name if prompted. This is essentially a notes field to indicate the purpose for the import.
  8. Select Finish to create the new import batch.
  9. Click Process Import/Export Batch.
    1. Note: You will receive errors.  This is expected and will help in the following steps.


Complete Standard Conversion Mapping 

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools > Import Export Mapping.
  2. Open the Mapping Type Data tab.
  3. Filter the Group Description column to Avionté Standard Front Office Import.
  4. Click on the Mapping Type Names from the Avionté Standard Front Office Import Group. You will need to create the mapping for each of the MappingTypeNames that fall under Avionté Standard Front Office Import by selecting the type name and completing the Mapping Type Data fields.
    Source System Value Terminology used in the spreadsheet you attempted to import
    Recommended Value If not pre-populated, leave blank.
    Mapped Value Select the Avionté value from the drop-down menu.


  5. Select Save to complete the mapping.
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each Mapping Type Name.
  7. Close Admin Tools.


Process the Import

  1. Return to Import/Export from the Main Menu in Avionté. 
  2. From the ImportExport Home page, select Process Import Export Batch.

  3. If an error message appears, resolve the error message and select Process import Export Batch again.
  4. Wait for a message stating "The import batch has been processed successfully" to appear.
  5. Select OK to close the window.


Required Fields for import

Below is a list of the required fields for Importing: Contact, Customer or Employee

Field Name Contact Customer Employee
AttnTo   X  
Branch X X X
Cell X   X
City X X X
ContactID X    
ContactRole X    
Country   X X
CustomerID   X  
CustomerName   X  
DateEntered     X
DateOfBirth     X
DepartmentName X X  
Email X   X
EmployeeID     X
EnteredBy X X X
EnteredDate X X  
Fax X X  
FederalExemptions     X
FirstName X   X
HomePhone     X
LastName X   X
Main Number X    
MainPhone   X  
MaritalStatus     X
MiddleName X   X
ParentID   X  
Race     X
Sex     X
SSN     X
State X X X
StateExemptions     X
Status X X X
Street1 X X X
Street2 X X X
Title X    
WebSite   X  
WorkSite_City   X  
WorkSite_Country   X  
WorkSite_State   X  
WorkSite_Street1   X  
WorkSiteStreet2   X  
ZipCode X X X


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