Standard Canadian Report - Wage Statement_CA

Report Description

This report provides a tax summary separated per employee. It is designed to be mailed to an employee.






Parameter Name



Date Type

Accounting Period Date, Check Date




Similar to an American SSN, the employee's unique identification number. 

Start Date Calendar date The beginning date of the information period.
End Date Calendar date The ending date of the information period. 
Employee Name alphanumeric or "%" to include all employees  



Report Fields

Field Name


Cheque Date

The date the cheque was printed for the employee.

Accounting Period

The accounting period in which the cheque was printed.

Cheque No.

The unique cheque number.

Hours Worked

The amount of hours worked for the cheque wages.

Gross Wages

The before-tax amount of wages paid.

Total Taxes

The total amount of tax dollars deducted from the wages.

Non-Tax Adjs.

Any non-tax deductions from or increases to the wages. 

Net Pay

The post-tax, post-adjustment wages paid on the cheque. 



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