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PSD Codes (political subdivision codes) are six-digit numbers that uniquely identify each municipality—township, borough, city—in Pennsylvania. 

PSD Codes are used infrequently and are not displayed in the Customer and Employee Detail interfaces like GEO Codes and School Districts are. Rather than finding a PSD code through an Employee Detail or Customer Detail address drop-down menu, the application of a PSD code is performed through an Avionté AQ workaround, thus this article appears in this AQ section. 



Apply a PSD Code

Through the use of an Advanced Query, this process applies a PSD code to an address, however, the code will NOT display in the Employee or Customer Detail page. Once the PSD is made available through the process below, the code will only be displayed in the Get and Set Worksite PSD Codes AQ. 



Grant AQ Visibility

Ensure a user or group can see the Get and Set Worksite PSD Codes AQ in their Reports list. 

  1. In the main Avionté Suite application, navigate to Start Page > Actions Menu > Reports

  2. While on the Reports tab, search for the AQ "Get and Set Worksite PSD Codes" in the Reports column.

  3. Click once on the AQ row to select it. 

  4. In the Category area, place an "X" next to any category in which the AQ should be available.


  5. Click the Advance Query tab on the upper-right.

  6. Search for the "Get and Set Worksite PSD Codes" AQ in the QueryName column.

  7. In the Advance Query Users area, search for a user or group that will gain visibility to the AQ.

  8. Place an "X" next to the corresponding user or group.


  9. Click Save



Apply the PSD Code to a Work Site Address

This process:

  • runs an advanced query to find eligible work site addresses that do not currently have a PSD code assigned
  • updates the eligible address to include the PSD code
  1. In the main Avionté Suite application, navigate to Main Menu > Reports

  2. Open the Category containing the Get and Set Worksite PSD Codes AQ.

  3. Search for the "Get and Set Worksite PSD Codes" AQ in the Title column.

  4. Open the AQ.

  5. In the Action Type's Value column, select View Missing from the drop-down menu. 


  6. Click Run Query. Any eligible work site addresses will generate in the lower-left.


  7. Change the Action Type to Update PSD.


  8. Enter the worksite location data into the Street1, Zip Code, and PSD code cells. Find the PSD code through an online search engine. 

  9. Click Run Query. The new code will display in the NewPSDCode column and the code will now be applied to that worksite address. 




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