Standard AQ - AR Aging DSO

Special logic

The result is in Customer level. So, Invoice Amount, Balance Amount and Total Payment Amount is for a Customer.


Report Description

The AR Aging DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) report displays outstanding customer AR dollars. This AQ is useful to review AR and track the AR Status of Customer.





Parameter Name



Start Date



End Date



Customer Name


Filters results by Customer Name.

Date Type

Accounting Period Date, Due Date, Invoice Date

Invoice Accounting Period Date, Due Date or Invoice Date


All available branches




Report Fields

Field Name



Invoice Branch.

Customer Name

Customer Name from Invoice. [Invoice To Customer]

Department Name

Customer Department

Invoice Amount

Invoice Amount from Invoice [Total Invoice Amount in selected date range]

Balance Amount

Total Balance Due of Invoice [Calculation: Invoice Amount – Payment Amount]

Total Payment Amount

Total Amount paid by client to the Invoice as per End Date [Total Payment Amount in selected date range]


If No of Days = 0 then 0

If Invoice Amount = 0 then 0


DSO = Balance Amount / [Invoice Amount / No of Days]

No of Days

(End Date – Start Date) + 1



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