Standard Report - Unemployment Claim with Customer

Report Description

This report gives all unemployment claim information for an employee, as well as the information for the associated customer.





Parameter Name




All available branch

Employee’s Branch

Date Type

Claim Received Date, Benefit Charge Date


Beginning Date



Ending Date



Claim Status

All Statuses, Closed, Open


Charge Column

Max Benefit Charges, Potential Benefit Charges


Roll up to Root

True, False

Based on this parameter, result will either be displayed per individual customer department or rolled into Root Customer.



Report Fields

Field Name


Customer Number

Customer’s Number


Customer’s Name / Department Name

If parameter “Roll up to Root” is set to True, this column is displayed as “Root Customer / Department”

Received Date

Claim Received Date


Employee’s Name


If Unemployment Status is Open, then it display “O”

If Unemployment Status is Closed, then it display “C”

Determination Status

Unemployment Determination’s Status

Max Potential Charges

Potential Charges or Maximum Benefit

Actual To-Date Charges

Total Benefit Charges

Last Benefit Date

If parameter Date Type = Claim Received Date; Last Date Received of Unemployment Benefit Charge

If parameter Date Type = Benefit Charge Date; parameter Ending Date



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