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Updated 07/13/2021
The CalculateWorkerCompCost property determines if Rate percent (Rate%) should be figured into a worker's compensation calculation.
Note: This calculation only affects wages, not adjustments.

If the value is set to True, workers compensation is equal to Rate% * Total Item Pay of the transaction.


Notes A non-taxable pay code will never affect Worker's Comp Wages. The system calculates Worker's Comp Cost on taxable pay codes only.
Any taxable pay codes (other than Reg, OT, and DT) are included in Worker's Comp Calculation based on this property's setting.
Worker's Comp Calculated is based on the processing method defined on Worker Comp Setup. Visit the WcCode Tab (Worker's Compensation) article to view calculations. 
Worker's Compensation is calculated differently in Washington and Oregon, so this should be set to false to stay in compliance.

CalculateWorkerCompCost properties

Admin Tools location: System Category > Transaction Type > Property tab
Default: False
Valid values: True: The amount will be figured into the workers compensation calculation.
False: If ItemPay / [CalculationParameter] = 0, that record is not passed to Vertex.
Where the setting is reflected... Employee wage calculations.

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