Config Option - GS_CompanyRegistrationInfo - Supplier Property


Updated 10/25/2021


The GS_CompanyRegistrationInfo property is used to integrate Greenshades software with Avionté. This a key property that allows the staffing company to access Greenshades when they choose to Launch Greenshades in the Weekly Process.



GS_CompanyRegistrationInfo properties

Admin Tools location: Employer Category: (Select Employer) > Detail tab
Default: Null (empty value)
Valid values: AVIONTE FALSE ABCStaffing “ABC Staffing Inc” 55121
In the value shown above, AVIONTE FALSE needs to be all caps, then Company name without spaces, and then the company name in double quotes “ ” as they would normally type it. Lastly is the ZIP code of the client with a space at the end.
Where the setting is reflected... Launching Greenshades in Back Office Weekly Process




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