Supplier: Branch Tab

New branches (sites) are added to the employer (staffing supplier)—and existing branches are edited—on the Branch tab. If the new staffing supplier has no parent staffing supplier, then a default branch will be automatically created with the information from the staffing supplier (such as the address).


Add or Edit a Branch

To add or edit a branch (site) for the current employer (supplier):
  1. Click the Add/Edit button. The window will display data for any currently-selected branch.
  2. If you are adding a new branch, click Add New. The fields in the lower portion of the window will be cleared for entering new data (as shown below).

  3. In the Site Info area, enter the following:
    • Site Name: Name of the branch (site).
    • Site Description: Enter a descriptive name of the branch (site).
    • Active: Check to indicate the branch is an active branch.
    • Using GL: Check to indicate the branch uses general ledger.
    • Default Payment Bank ID: This option sets the default bank used for branch payments. This list of available banks here is created on the Banks tab.
    • Copy Information From: If there are other branches already defined in the system, you can copy configuration setup from a branch selected from this list.
      • The new branch will include accrual configurations from the copied branch.
    • Supplier Site Type: Select one of the two available options in the dropdown.
      • StaffingSupplierSite: This entity will be available as a normal branch. A Staffing Supplier Site can be associated with other sites in a group. 
      • StaffingSupplierSiteGroup: Provides organizational abilities within admin tools, but is not available for use as a branch during invoice creation. A Staffing Supplier Site Group is comprised of sites. 
    • Logo: Logos can be attached to be used for Invoice and Payment documents. For more information, see How to add a company logo.
  4. In the Contact Method area you set the branch contact information such as phone and fax numbers. One of the methods defined must be set as the primary method of contact. To do so, check the associated Is Primary checkbox.
    • Toll Free Number
    • Fax
    • Phone
  5. In the Address area, enter the following:
    • Country: Set the branch's country. Note that when changing from one country to another, the labels on the following fields may change to reflect the address terminologies of the selected country.
    • Street 1/Address 1
    • Street 2/Address 2
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Zip/Postal Code
  6. Click Save to add or save your changes.


Grouping Branches

In Admin Tools you have the ability to place branches into a group, similar to placing users in user groups. Once a branch group is created, you can apply portal properties overrides at the branch group level in the Admin portal.

Create a Branch Group

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