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Updated 07/06/2021


The Home page of the Favorites menu displays preferred elements organized into groups. The groups contain elements such as employees, customers, users, and contacts.



Search Field Chooser

The field chooser menu controls what information and columns are displayed for the search results. Columns can be clicked and dragged to display in any order.

Field Description
Date Entered The date the group was created
Entered By The user that created the group.
EntityType The types of elements in the group - employees, customers, etc.
FavoriteGroupID A unique numeric identifier for the group.
GroupName The name of the group.
GroupStatus The status of the group - active or inactive.
RootGroupName The name of the group's parent (if applicable.)


Groups in the Favorites section can be viewed in various ways depending on the section item you are on.


Add/Edit Favorite Group

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Favorites > Home section.

  2. Click the New Favorites button on the right-hand corner of the window. This displays the Add/Edit Favorite Group tab of the Add/Edit Favorite Group wizard.

  3. On the Add/Edit Favorite Group tab, populate the fields according to these definitions:

    Field Description
    Name  Name for the new group.
    Description A description of the new group.
    Status Select a status for the group from the drop-down menu.
    Type Select a type for the group from the drop-down menu (i.e., employee, assignment, etc.)
    Parent In a hierarchical organization, the new group can be assigned as a "child" to a "parent" organization. 
  4. To share the group with other users, click the My Branch Users button to share the group only with users from your branch and/or click the My Supplier Users button to share the group among all users at your supplier.

  5. Following data entry, click Next to continue. The Add Favorite Group Items tab will display enabling the addition of favorite elements such as employees and assignments.

  6. To add an element, note the element that has auto-populated in the Type field.
    Note: The Type field will default to the value entered on the Add/Edit Favorite Group.

  7. Filter the search by selecting a specific type of element from the Search Type drop-down menu.

  8. Type text and click the drop-down menu in the Search Text field to find a specific element. 

  9. Click on a specific element in the Search Text field to add it to the Favorite Group Items grid at the bottom of the window.

  10. Following data entry, click Finish to save the new group.


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