Supplier: Bank Tab

The Bank tab is used to manage bank data for a user receiving direct deposits. The Bank information is not copied from the System Staffing Supplier so, for a new Staffing Supplier, the field in the Bank tab will appear blank.


Add a New Bank

  1. Click the Add New button. This will clear the fields in the lower portion of the window.
  2. Complete the fields:
  3. Enter the bank's information by completing the following fields:
    • Bank Name: Enter a name for the bank.
    • Description: Enter a description for the bank.
    • Routing Number: Enter the bank's routing number.
    • Account Number: Enter the account number.
      Note: You can enter only one account number per entry. If you have more than one account with a bank, enter the bank's information again in a new entry.
    • Next Check Number: Enter the next check number for the account.
  4. Enter the desired report for the paychecks from the PayCheck Report drop-down menu.
  5. Select whether to generate ACH or Positive Pay by marking the following boxes:
    • Generate ACH: Mark this box if an ACH file is to be created.
    • Generate Pos Pay: Mark this box if Positive Pay is to be generated.
  6. Enter ACH and Positive Pay information in the following fields.
    • ACH Fed ID: Enter the ACH Company's Federal ID.
    • ACH Company Name: Enter the ACH Company's Name.
    • Pay Check Report Info: Enter the name of the bank. This will print on checks created for this bank.
    • ACH SP: Enter the stored procedure for ACH.
    • Positive Pay SP: Enter the stored procedure for Positive Pay.
    • ACH Routing Number: Enter the routing number for ACH.
  7. Enter any additional information about the Paycheck report in the following fields.
    • Paycheck Report Bank Extra1:
    • Paycheck Report Bank Extra2:
  8. Click Browse to browse for and select a bank signature, which will appear on the paychecks.
    Note: The accepted dimensions for a bank signature are 2.2 inches by .4 inches. Bank signatures need to be an image file, like .png or .jpg. Please keep signature file sizes to 12KB or less.
  9. Select which branches are able to view the new bank by marking the applicable boxes in the Shared By section.
  10. Click Save once all the information has been entered to save the bank and add it to the upper grid.
  11. Checkbox: Use for Tax Recalc
    1. This is used when you have to recalculate the SUI rates.  This is the bank that would be used for any checks that are created.
      1. Recommend restarting the application if checking/unchecking this checkbox.




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