Employee Payroll - Accrual

The Employee > Payroll > Accrual tab enables the application of an existing Accrual Plan to an Employee record. This tab also shows the supplier associated with each accrual plan, even for employees with multiple accrual plans.
An Avionté Accruals Guide is available in this knowledge base at Sick Leave (Accrual) Overview – Avionte Classic.
Visit the Accruals Setup - Main Menu article for specific details about the Employee Payroll - Accrual menu option. 


The End Date field allows you to set a date for the accrual plan to end. This helps you comply with state/provincial limits for ending accrual plans. This date will be checked against the Week Worked for pay transactions. If there is an End Date on the accrual the system will automatically stop pulling payments due to the configuration of the Employee's accrual setup.

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