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If your company is participating in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan, you need to report your employees' eligibility statuses as they change. You will need permission to edit an employee's ACA eligibility using AllowEditACAEligibility, and the form for ACA Eligibility must be made available to view in Admin Tools > Forms.


Manage ACA Eligibility

To change the ACA status for an employee, as well as review eligibility measurement history, follow the steps below.
  • In the Employee section, search for and select the employee for which you are setting or reviewing ACA eligibility.

  • Expand the Payroll option in the Employee sub-menu and select the ACA Eligibility option. The ACA Eligibility tab appears.

By default, new employees are set with an Undetermined status. Change the employee's ACA eligibility according to the following:

Field Description

The employee is a variable hour employee and their ACA hours should be measured to determine if the employee reaches full time status. 

  • Default status when a new employee is hired.
  • Reverts to this status if an employee hits a qualified break in service. 
Yes The employee meets the requirements of an ACA full time employee. When Yes is selected, the employee then will appear in the ACA Full Time w/o Offer counter which helps you track when the employee needs an offer of insurance entered into the ACA Companion Application.
No The employee is not full time.


Note: At the end of a measurement period, if the system determines the employee meets full-time status, the Yes option will be automatically selected. The system does not, however, automatically set the status to No if the employee is found to not meet full-time status.
  • When the eligibility is changed, a confirmation window appears. Click Yes to complete the change.

View Employee Eligibility Measurements

In the lower portion of the ACA Eligibility tab, a list of eligibility measurements for the current employee are displayed.
Field Description
Measured Start Date The date that the measuring period began.
Measured End Date The date the measuring period ended.
Measured Type

Indicates whether the measurement period is the new employee's initial measurement, or if it is a standard period for employees (existing employees or those that are designated as full-time at the time they are hired.

Initial: The period a new employee has to be measured to be determined full-time or non full-time. The initial measurement period has to be the same for all new employees. The employee must maintain, on average, 30 hours / week for the duration of the entire period to be considered full-time at the end of the measurement period.

Standard: A period of 3-12 months that will always be the same each year. This determines their full-time status. If the employee works, on average, 30 hours per week for the duration of the period chosen, they are considered full-time.

Total Hours The total ACA hours paid to the employee during the designated measurement period. This determines the subsequent Measured Eligibility value (the employee would need to average 30 ACA hours per week over the course of the measurement period to be considered).
Measured Eligibility

Indicates whether the employee met the requirements for ACA eligibility based upon the results of the measurement period. The possible values are:

Full-time: Employee measured to have averaged 30 hours per week over the course of the measurement period.

Non full-time: Employee measured less than a 30 hour per week average over the course of the measurement period.



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